This remedy contains 0.1% of each element mentioned. It is a skin repair treatment and is available in cream form and belongs to the steroid category.


A great combination, functioning to manage skin allergies, lock the moisture, and improves eczema, and psoriasis condition.

Side effects

Inflammation and itching


One hypersensitive to the element should refrain from its use.


Ensuring the affected area is not let open in sunlight is necessary. Do follow the recommended guidelines such as avoiding the use of other skin remedies on the particular area.

Dosage and administration

As it is skincare, consider applying it on the affected area twice or thrice a day. If you’re looking to administrate any other form, you can connect us, as we manufacture as per the need.


With immense research and hard work, we have gathered the required documents to trade in Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, and Iceland. Also, if you have any specific requirements, we can accomplish the same.

Available Forms