Each pill is coated with 1mg Prucalopride, and it contains 142.5mg lactose.


It is used to manage hepatic encephalopathy and constipation.

Side effects

Bowel obstruction, ischemic colitis, or severe allergic reactions are a few things that one needs to take care of.


A person with a history of perforation, or severe inflammatory bowel disorder is likely to experience the problem.


People dealing with hypersensitivity and renal impairment are recommended to seek assistance.

Dosage and administration

2mg once is recommended to get the benefits. Besides, if any alteration is needed, one can reach out to us and get the consumptions delivered to your doorstep.


We are currently functioning in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, and Cen.Afr. and this allows us to serve the people in this area and assist during the needed period.

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