Each hard gelatin capsule available in 25, 75, 150,300 mg,200 mg, and 300 mg contains pregabalin IP with other necessary elements that benefit the health.


This medication is indicated in the treatment of partial seizures, peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes, nerve-related pain due to spinal cord injury, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Side effects

Mild to moderate side effect has been observed such as dry mouth, heart failure, urinary incontinence, and difficulty in breathing.


This drug is to be cautiously used in patients with kidney disease, heart failure, peripheral edema, pregnancy, and lactation.


This drug is contraindicated in patients with allergic to a drug.

Dosage and administration

In adults usual dose consists of a tablet of 150 to 600 mg/day to be given orally three times in a day with or without food.


We have also established roots and begun this new venture in other countries as well such as Canada, U.A.E, and Italy.

Available Forms