It is an off-white opaque cream that consists of 10mg of Oxiconazole and purified water. This specific medicine is categorized under the drug class of dichlorobenzenes and benefits the health of the people.


It functions as an antifungal remedy that works to get rid of the fungi and can be applied smoothly to avoid complications.

Side effects

Irritation at the site of application, burning, and itching are the common impacts that can be experienced. If you come across any problems, reach out to seek help.


Breastfeeding females or pregnant women are not suggested to consider the usage of this remedy.


If you’re hypersensitive to the ingredients present in this antifungal remedy, using it is not recommended.

Dosage and administration

As it is available in topical form, one needs to look into the concentrated amount required for treatment. If you have certain requirements we can assist you with the same to improve the ailment.


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Available Forms