This is a highly refined distillate fraction of petroleum that contains liquid-saturated hydrocarbons and belongs to the classification of laxatives.


It is used to moisturize dry skin, works as a lubricant, and relieves constipation problems.

Side effects

The basic impact that can be experienced includes stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea which allows managing the ailments more smoothly.


People with a history related to gastrointestinal problems can consider using this medicine.


One allergic to the mineral oil need to refrain from the use of this remedy.

Dosage and administration

As it is available in cosmetic products too, you can export this medicine. We do make them available in minimal and maximum quantity only as per the need.


We are currently functional in the areas Morocco, Neutral Zone, Oman, Plo, and Qatar to ensure the business can be commenced smoothly. We understand the reason behind not being able to access the solution completely.

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