Each film of the tablet is coated with Ondansetron and belongs to the antiemetic medicine group.


It allows to manage nausea and vomiting symptoms caused to certain surgeries or radiation therapy.

Side effects

Constipation, diarrhea, and headache are the common impacts experienced, and allergic reactions can be experienced by a few.


Alcohol interaction with this medicine is likely to make you feel dizzy and it might promote side effects.


Pregnant females and breastfeeding mothers are recommended to use it only if recommended.

Dosage and administration

4 and 8mg are available with us and if you wish to alter them connect with us to know more.


We have rooted ourselves in countries like P.I.T.T, N. Marianas, Fiji, and H.M.Isl and are ensuring the remedies are curated as per their countries' norms to support their medical needs.

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