Each tablet is composed of Levetiracetam 100mg and a few other inactive elements such as a citric acid monohydrate, glycerin, purified water, and a few other elements.


As it is an anti-seizure remedy, it manages consecutive episodes of epilepsy and onset seizures. It functions on the chemicals in the brain that promotes this disorder to manage it in a good manner.

Side effects

Irritability, dizziness, fatigue, and gastrointestinal upset are a few problems that can be experienced and should be taken care of when needed.


Combining it with liquor can cause one to land in the problem, therefore seek help to avoid the complications.


If you have had a problem related to the brain such as hallucination, consider the consumption of this medicine is not guided.

Dosage and administration

500mg is the dose that we make you available with. It is used twice a day to get better results. besides, the doses are recommended as per age, weight, and height. We are a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and allow people to access amazing solutions under one roof.


We are making our services available in countries like Brazil, C.Dominica, Canal Zone, Cayman, Chile, and Colombia to benefit people around the globe.

Available Forms