Each consumption consists of the presence of Dextromethorphan: 10-20 mg, Diphenhydramine: 25-50 mg, and Phenylephrine: 5-10 mg. Though the syrup contents differ, this combination belongs to the cough suppressant category.


Common conditions such as flu, respiratory infections, and allergies can be taken care of. Besides, it functions of to let one feel relieved from coughing, relieve nasal congestion, and reduce fever.

Side effects

Difficulty urination, constipation, dry mouth, and vomiting


The doses recommended for adults are not for kids, hence, consider using the consumption as per the need to avoid complications.


One dealing with asthma and respiratory disorder needs to check the consumption

Dosage and administration

The ingestion of doses are done every 4-6 hours, yet the doses should be chosen wisely. Every country’s regulation is different and as per the requirement, and the regulations, consider providing us with the demand and we will be happy to export those medicines to you.


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